Bookshelf designs as unique as you are: Part 2

I’m a bibliophile through and through! Give me a good book, and I could curl up reading it for hours on end. And with winter slowly creeping in, snuggling into bed with my favorite book and a cozy blanket has never seemed more tempting. My love for books means I own a lot of them, and any true bibliophile will agree that storing them can often be a major pain. Stuffing all your favorite novels into a single space without damaging any of them, and making sure the whole affair looks presentable as well? Now, that’s a tough task. So, we’ve rounded up some super cool, functional and not to mention aesthetically pleasing bookshelf designs for you to store your paperback companions in!

The Book Chair by Sou Fujimoto is in fact a bookshelf with a chair embedded in it! The chair can be slid in and out, due to a chair-shaped section in the bookshelf. When fitted into the shelf, the chair acts as a storage space itself. But when pulled out, you can hop onto it and read your favorite book in peace. This multifunctional piece of furniture is perfect for homes whose residents are major readers!

The LoculaMENTUM Bookshelf by Michael Schlütter is a traditional wooden bookcase with a modern ‘twist’! The twist allows you to store your favorite books, mementos, and other collectibles in an interesting and artful manner. The diagonal compartments running through the center of the bookshelf provide maximum storage space and also provide an intriguing modern element to an otherwise traditional bookshelf structure. I would deem this bookshelf simply yet saucy!

The CTline Bookshelf by Victor Vasilev consists of long shelving units placed alongside each other. However, they all have different heights and depths, creating an interesting contrasting effect, making them look a little 3D! The matte white bookshelf would look right at home in any modern and minimal living space. I wouldn’t mind this one for my bedroom!

The ABC Bookcase by REdesign is a bookcase you can actually read and write! The modular shelving units have been shaped like different alphabets, you can also rearrange the square modules to create whichever alphabet you like. The versatile piece of furniture could be an interesting addition to the room of young children, who are still learning to read and write! A bookshelf that stores books, and is also a book in itself? I would have loved this in my room as a kid!

The Pin Pres by OOO My Design is a customizable and modular shelving unit that’s perfect for storing your books! You can pull out a pin and form a shelf, or push in a pin and create space for storage. The Pin Pres is a fun and interactive bookshelf that makes storing and rearranging your books a playful experience.

The Rocking Chair Bookcase by Sofia Alexiou is one of my personal favorites! Shaped like a rocking chair, the upper half of the bookshelf is the perfect lounging spot for you to read your book in, whereas the bottom half functions as a storage space for your books. So pick your favorite book, grab a pillow, and get comfy on this Chair/Bookcase for a long reading session!

Libro by JO-A is a staircase that also doubles up as a bookshelf! The stairs also serve as a footstool or as a spot for you to sit and read your book in. The interior section of the stairs functions as a storage space wherein you can place your books, collectibles, artifacts and other miscellaneous items. Made from steel and bamboo, which create an interesting contrast, it could be a cool addition to your living space.



The Chuck, a Red Dot winning bookshelf, ticks all my boxes for innovation and design. It’s simple in its construction, easy to use, fun to interact with, can store books/media of different types and sizes, has the capacity to look strikingly different every time you make a change to it, and is very capable of being the most interesting piece of furniture in your room. With two metal members on either side holding together six strips of wooden veneer, the Chuck bends and flexes as you place books on/between the veneer sheets, creating undulating waves of wood that store your books, CDs, plaques, and objets d’art.

The Isola Bookcase by Massimo Castagna is a beautiful shelving unit built from satin silver-plated brass shelves. The brass shelves are held in place by tempered glass slabs, creating an elegant and modern piece of furniture that would look sensational in any home.

The Trap Bookcase by Kambiam is a modular storage unit that can be rearranged and customized according to your preference. You can rearrange the modules, creating various geometric shapes, that serve as intriguing bookshelves! Quirky and fun, this bookshelf can be modified into numerous sizes, depending on the number of books you have to store.

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