This zen alarm clock aids sleep, guides meditations and monitors air quality

Not everyone is a morning person, and I admit I am so far removed from that audience that I could actually make friends with a bunch of owls instead of being included in their group. I am sure many of us here, including me, want to wake up in the morning but either we don’t hear our alarms because we choose a soft tune or we awaken with rage because we chose a super-upbeat loud song. What we need is a more natural wake up call, something aligned with the body’s circadian rhythms which the Mudita Bell calming alarm clock knows how to do.

Most of us scroll through our social media apps before bed and the blue light exposure keeps our brain alert even after we keep the phone down. This calming alarm clock wants to replace the screen-scrolling so we can get rest according to our natural sleep cycles – a key in waking up rested and relaxed. It has an E-Ink screen which means you aren’t actually looking at a screen but at the ink that is programmed to move to create visuals, thus reducing your exposure to blue light. Limiting screen time helps us fall us asleep sooner and also into a deeper slumber which is crucial if you want to stop waking up grumpy or tired. The minimalist design of the clock has a soothing effect on your eyes which is important considering it is the last thing you see before bed and the first thing you see when you wake up.

It all starts with “Let me just check the time” or “I’ll just check if my alarm is on” and we descend into the notifications rabbit hole. With this Mudita alarm clock and the E-Ink screen, you can track time and set your alarms without being lured into scrolling through your apps. The alarm wakes you up with gentle acoustic sounds that don’t make you want to smash it. It also includes a sensor to track the air quality in your room and sometimes making small changes like adding a humidifier (based on what the air quality is) can make our sleeping patterns healthier. To make it a well-rounded health and wellness product, this alarm clock also has a meditation timer that comes pre-set with different meditation lengths and simple instructions to guide you through them. Now we really have no reason to wake up groggy so let’s make 2020 the year of the morning people!

Designer: Mudita