This adorable humidifier + figurine clears up congestion while sparking joy!

Even living in Southern California, the winter season gets cold enough that my nose gets congested. This means I lie awake at night, trying to train myself to breathe through my mouth since my nose is too stuffed to take in air. Every season, I think about how I should buy a humidifier for my room since the congestion is such an inconvenience. Yet, I don’t. Instead, I will microwave a cup of water and hold it under my nose while watching Netflix.

Since I move frequently, I try not to purchase bulky appliances that I will either have to lug around with me or leave behind. A humidifier would not be the largest item I could own, but it would take up a fair amount of space. For this reason, if I were to purchase one, I would prefer one that was as small as possible … something like the V-CUUB mini humidifier.

Of course, the main draw for this product is not its practical usage. The V-CUUB mini humidifier is downright adorable. If I saw this online or in a store, I probably wouldn’t have realized its real purpose until after I bought it. Figurines like this one can simply exist to spark joy, and that would be enough. By happenstance, the V-CUUB suits my needs more than other humidifier products: it’s small, making it incredibly easy to store in my apartment, and would be something I could take with me on moves.

Designer: Kimparks Lab

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