This Apple Watch accessory lets you use your smartwatch with earphones while swimming

Keep the water out and the music in.

The Interval Swim Earphones from H2O Audio build on the Apple Watch’s ability to work underwater. Designed as an attachment/accessory to the watch, these bad boys strap around your head using your goggles (giving them a universal fit), and allow you to dock your Apple Watch right into them. They come with a pair of Bluetooth earphones too, that aside from preventing water from going into your ear, allow you to listen to music, podcasts, ebooks, motivational speeches, or feedback from your coach.

The Interval Swim Earphones come with an endorsement from avid-user and Olympic legend Michael Phelps too. They’re 100% waterproof, engineered to sound great underwater (with an increased bass response), and come with physical controls for adjusting the volume as well as for play/pausing your audio tracks. A variety of earhole tips allow you to get the most secure fit, so the earphones stay in place with a watertight fit while you’re swimming… and a companion MySwim app for the Apple Watch lets you log your laps and swimming progress too!

Designer: H2O Audio

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