Top 10 mind boggling LEGO creations you need to build at home ASAP

As a child, I loved sitting and spending hours excruciatingly and lovingly building little LEGO block structures. But, watching my sister bump into them, causing them to fall apart completely was truly heartbreaking. We all have heartwarming memories associated with LEGO blocks from our childhood, as well as the not-so-heartwarming ones of stepping on them with our feet and feeling an insane amount of pain shoot up our legs. Despite these wonderful childhood memories, LEGO is no more considered child’s play! Master builders, artists, and LEGO enthusiasts all over the world are creating impressive LEGO builds that’ll blow your minds away. They are a result of their hours of dedication, attention to detail, hard work, and creativity. And we’ve put together some mindblowing LEGO builds that recently took our breath away! From a gravity-powered LEGO rollercoaster to a Mars rover replica by LEGO and NASA – these LEGO builds are gonna get LEGO lovers drooling over them.

1. LEGO “The Moon: Earth’s Companion”

The LEGO Art space poster “The Moon: Earth’s Companion” is a fan-made creation built using 2360 bricks, and pays tribute to the beauty and brilliance of the moon. It features a brick-built Moon built with immense attention to detail, accentuated by realistic craters and terrains. The Moon was built completely from LEGO ART bricks and is a celebration of the moon’s mystery and tranquility.

2. The LEGO Icons Chevrolet Camaro Z28

The LEGO Icons Chevrolet Camaro Z28 lets you rebuild an iconic piece of American history! Building this classic vehicle is truly fun, and the finished piece even lets you lift up the hood and have a peek inside. You can pick from the hardtop coupe or convertible options, curating the look that perfectly matches your automotive tastes. The detailed V8 engine and working steering team up with the opening side doors, hood, and trunk beautifully, creating a realistic LEGO build that works!

3. LEGO The Fairground Collection set 10303 Loop Coaster

The Fairground Collection set 10303 Loop Coaster is a part of the Creator Expert series, and is the first official gravity-powered LEGO rollercoaster that has been released. It consists of 3756 LEGO pieces, and takes surreal minifigs on a two-full loop ride before coming to a halt. Using kinetic energy to complete the ride in one motion is an incredible feat in itself since the size of the 36-inch-tall LEGO set is still compact by any standards.

4. The LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition Building Set

The LEGO Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition building set includes a detailed replica of Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express. It provides adult collectors with a buildable 1:34 scale replica of their favorite scenes from the books and movies! In fact, the train comes equipped with a lever on the top, which enables you to move the train around like a steam train. The build measures over 10.5 inches in height, 46.5 inches in length, and 8 inches in width.

5. The LEGO® Technic™ NASA Mars Rover Perseverance Model

LEGO collaborated with NASA to create the LEGO® Technic™ NASA Mars Rover Perseverance model that measures a little over 12 inches long and features a 360° steering, a movable arm, and a fully articulated suspension system that allows the rover to travel across various uneven surfaces on all 6 wheels. The build was designed to be a STEM boy to help children grow interested in and get excited about space engineering and travel. The rover features an AR experience that allows the kids to explore the rover and its red-planet home.


The LEGO DOTS range of craft gifts and toys is designed for kids from the ages of 6 to 9, and the entire collection consists of 40 different sets. The varied sets include full kits to home decor items, bracelets, accessories, and much more. It helps children to create different colors, sparkles, styles, and faces, allowing them to develop their artistic side. The little LEGO builds can be added to the kids’ personal belongings, or they can share them with family and friends.

7. LEGO Pac-Man Arcade

LEGO has recreated the charm and beauty of the vintage arcade game Pac-Man with its latest release. The newly released LEGO set perfectly captures the essence of the iconic arcade game. Although the set is non-functional, it showcases meticulous and careful attention to detail, complemented by Pac-Man’s maze, functional joystick, and a coin slot. This unique set promises to transport gaming enthusiasts back to the golden era of gaming!

8. LEGO “Batman Returns” Batcave Shadow Box

This limited edition “Batman Returns” Batcave Shadow Box is a 3981-piece set that measure 20 inches wide, and 11 inches tall once it is completely assembled. It comes equipped with working lights, moving parts, a Batarang cabinet, and a Batmobile with a flame element that is attached to the exhaust and rotates when the car moves.

9. The LEGO X-Wing Starfighter Kit

The LEGO X-Wing Starfighter kit includes 1949 pieces and measures up to 10.5 inches in height, and 21.5 inches in length once assembled. The good-looking Starfighter includes an R2-D2 minifig inside and a spot to place the Luke Skywalker minifig all dressed up in a Rebel flight suit. The build can be proudly displayed on an old-school stand, with the option of having the wings retracted or fully opened in the X configuration.

10 Sariel Bricks and Pets’ LEGO Flip Clock

Meet the Sariel Bricks and Pets’ LEGO Flip Clock! The build looks and operates exactly like an old mechanical flip clock, and in fact, even utilizes the same gear and mechanism to tell time. The innovative clock is built completely from LEGO bricks, except for the number stickers on the flip panels.  It measures 44 cm wide and 15 cm tall (17.4″ by 5.9″) and is equipped with a 10:1 gear ratio for counting down the minutes, and a 12:1 gear ratio for the hours (allowing it to reset every 12 hours).