This neck-gym gives your upper spine a workout to relieve neck pain and improve posture

Neck pain stems from a variety of reasons. Physiological conditions, bad posture, sleeping in the wrong position, a nerve pull, or just a sedentary lifestyle. The problem with neck pain, though, is that most products out there help relieve neck pain, they don’t prevent it from happening in the first place.

My Perfect Neck is to neck-muscles what weights are to biceps. Designed to give your neck a simple-yet-effective workout, My Perfect Neck works on the principles of stretching, isolating, and resistance-training to help alleviate neck pain. The workout takes no longer than a minute each day, but through time, helps strengthen and tone the trapezius, cervical and sub-occipital muscles connected to your neck and upper spine, preventing neck pain while helping gradually correct your posture too.

The neck-worn exercising equipment comes with a slim design that you could easily store in a bedside cabinet or even carry with you to the park. It opens up to sit around your neck like a neck-pillow, with a lower flap that rests against your back, and an upper flap with a proprietary spring-mechanism. Once worn, all you need to do is press back against the upper flap by looking down and up repeatedly (sort of like the neck equivalent of a push-up) for one minute. My Perfect Neck was designed by Isaias Florenca, who had his own run-in with neck pain that resulted in spending roughly $6,000 in physiotherapy bills. A little bit of research told him that he wasn’t the only one. Staring down at your smartphone for hours at an end can have a pretty significant effect on your posture and the health of your spine and neck-muscles, causing pains and backaches at an early age (an affliction Isaias refers to as “Tech Neck”). My Perfect Neck is sort of like cardio for those muscles, helping keep them strong and active, so they can easily take the strain of your daily life without acting up or causing you to have to spend $6,000 in medical bills. Sounds alright to me!

Designer: Isaias Florenca

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My Perfect Neck – Stops Neck Pain & Maintains Good Posture

My Perfect Neck is a neck strengthening device that strengthens the deep muscles at the back of the neck to maintain pain free neck and good posture.

Did You Know?

Posture Correctors and Neck Stretching devices may provide you with short term relief, but unless you strengthen the correct neck muscles properly your neck and posture problems will return.

The DEEP MUSCLES at the back of the neck are what stabilize your cervical spine and protect you from neck pain, developing bad posture and cervical disc deterioration.

A. Deep Cervical Neck Muscles (stabilizes the Cervical Spine)
B. Deep Upper Neck Muscles (pulls head back)
B. Deep Upper Back Muscles (keeps spine straight)
C. Trapezius Muscle (pulls head & shoulders back)

If you keep the deep neck muscles strong, especially the Deep Cervical Neck Muscles, it will help you maintain a healthy pain-free neck and perfect posture.

The Problem

There was always one problem doctors, physio’s and health practitioners could not find an answer to: how do you strengthen the deep neck muscles if we can’t reach them? My Perfect Neck helps you do that and all it takes is just one minute per day.

How it Works

In the forward motion, when you push your chin down to your chest you are stretching the DEEP muscles at the back of the neck, the deep upper back muscles and the Trapezius muscle (posture muscle). This action also reduces tightness in the muscles and relieves pressure from the cervical spine.

In the reverse motion, when you push your head back to the upright position, the resistance applied from the spring headboard to the back of the neck strengthens the deep muscles at the back of the neck at the same time quickly stabilizing the neck and straightening your posture.

My Perfect Neck takes only seconds to put on, and thanks to its easy-to-use design built to strengthen multiple neck muscles in one motion, results are fast and effective.

The device that is always ready to go when you are. Just pick it up, put it on and start using it.

When you are in a wheelchair strong neck and back muscles are vital for keeping the spine straight and maintaining good long term health. For the first time people with mobile disabilities can now maintain a strong posture without the hassle of having to travel to special therapy facilities and avoid costly session fees.

Click Here to Buy Now: $78 $156 (50% off). Hurry, only 102/250 left!