Chair Designs that prove why they are the king of modern furniture!

A good chair design is extremely crucial. Whether it’s one for our work desk, dining table, or simply to lounge about in our living room, there should be no compromise when it comes to selecting a chair for any space. Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics should all be taken into consideration, not to mention an ergonomic form! Hence, we’ve curated a collection of innovative chair designs to help you spruce up your seating habits!


Designed to be a part of Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomade collection, the Concertina Chair by London-based design studio Raw-Edges is foldable… but not the kind of foldable you’d expect. Opening up like a Japanese fan, the chair uses angled blades to turn the fan into a chair. A zip on the back, and an elegant clasp on the front lock the chair in seating-mode.

Normalization by Josh Kline is the kind of armchair I’ve never seen before! Defined as a work of modern art, the chair was created from polymerized gypsum, sand, and gravel. Though it may not be very comfy to sit upon, there’s no doubt it’s an extremely intriguing sculpture!

Functionally still a chair, the Exploded Chair is a visual break-down of the very idea of the chair. Taking a wooden chair and splitting it into its various parts, and then putting those parts into separate acrylic boxes, the Exploded Chair is hilariously creative!

Designed to be compact enough to fit into any space, yet comfortable enough to have you sink right in with your favorite book, the Conch comes with a molded-plywood inner body and a dual-density foam outer body. It has a storage unit right under you for everything from books to a cushion to other bric-a-brac.

Inspired by his recent trip to India, designer Marc Ange created the II Pavone Throne. The exquisite emerald and sapphire armchair (to be honest it is more of a throne) looks like a royal peacock!

Inspired by the concept of flat-packed furniture, Tehila Guy designed Anda. Anda is an inflatable chair, with a transparent plastic seat supported by wooden rods. Comfortable and quirky, it’s a unique chair design!

Soft, generous and with an ergonomic backrest, the NOA armchair by Stefano Bigi can merge into almost any living space effortless. Available in both leather and fabric options this is one cozy seating spot!

Sit in the Capsule Chair and as your behind sinks into the cushion, you notice your peripheral vision getting narrowed. Its cocoon-esque design covers your sides and your top, blocking not just vision but also absorbing audio, leaving you in a tranquil bubble as you sleep, read, or work.

A half-wood and half bronze chair from the Bronze Age Collection by Frank Tjepkema of the Dutch studio Tjep. The melding of two completely different materials creates a beautiful contrast! Not to mention the bronze and turquoise green color combination is like a match made in heaven.

Botera is a family of big plush armchairs. The chair’s chunky base is supported by a backrest, which can be high or low to suit your needs! The chairs can be arranged in groups, allowing for interaction and engagement between people, or they can be separated, creating little private spots for individuals.

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