Chair Designs that will leave you floored

I saw an interesting video the other day, a simple, elegant yet funny twist that showcased how horizontal surfaces inspire us to lean on, may it be a wall, a staircase and of course a chair! Given the amount of time we actually spend sitting on a chair, we should really pay more attention to the actual design of it. To get you inspired, we bring you our selection of innovative chair designs that you can think of while you are sitting down the next time!

Lunar Chair by Lara Bohinc 

Chips Chair by Parametric Architecture

Möbius Chair by Markowitz Design

H Chair by JB Design & Architecture with Miha Bevc 

Oak Oak Chair created by Morten Husum Nielsen

Skin Chair by Marco Sousa Santos

Walnut and Raw Steel Z-chair by Factor Fabrication

C18 Armchair by Ihor Skrypnyk

Bulbo Chair by Fernando & Humberto Campana

Ina Chair by Miroslav Truben​