Keeping An Eye On The Milk For You

If you have a full house, there are less chances of anything staying for long in the fridge. Meaning it will get consumed sooner or later. But if you’re on your own or are the sorts who don’t raid the fridge often, you can very well expect some of the contents to expire before consumed fully. Fresholling here is a handy gadget that you attach to your milk carton or opened bottle of juices, and set the expiry date on them. Like an alarm clock, it ticks off at the end of the set date, ensuring you don’t consume spoiled goodies. You can set time up to a week, but do you really stock old stale stuff? Hmm….maybe I should come and raid your fridge for a change.

Designers: Min-Jung,Kim & Se-Han,Kim





Fresholling Alarm For Notifying Food Expiry by Kim Min-Jung