The X-Scooter LOM solves vehicular congestion by just making mobility smaller

In almost every other industry, progress is always followed by adoption. Vinyls were followed by Cassettes, which were then dethroned by CDs, MP3 files, and finally online streaming. Progress leads to adoption, leads to optimization, followed by evolution, and then more progress. It’s a healthy cycle that allows technology and innovation to constantly provide a better experience to its end-user. Somehow that growth-cycle hasn’t seemed to make its dent in the automotive industry. We’re still, as a majority, driving fuel-powered 4-wheeler 4-seater cars using internal combustion engines that were invented in 1876. The technology has grown better over time, but hasn’t entirely moved onto its next phase.

The result of this visible on most streets today. We’re an ever-growing population that’s migrating towards cities that were designed and planned a hundred years ago, and primarily moving around in vehicles that were designed to deliver their potential on open roads, and not bumper-to-bumper traffic. The X-Scooter LOM (Last One Mile) picks up on a niche phenomenon with the potential to change how we move from A to B… last-mile scooters. By turning last-mile into ALL-mile, the X-Scooter LOM offers a way to move around with the convenience and range of a car or two-wheeler, but the size and format of an electric scooter.

The X-Scooter LOM pushes last-mile scooters into a category that makes them powerful and capable enough to replace your need for a motorcycle or car. It comes with the ability to drive on pavements, tarmac, gravel, or even off the road, thanks to motorcycle-style tires that gives it an all-terrain feature. Designed to be operated while standing, and with a top speed of 15mph, the X-Scooter can be driven on roads as well as on pavements, allowing you to either weave through traffic or through pedestrians to get to where you need to be… and just like all last-mile transport solutions, it’s lightweight, weighing at just 16 kilograms, and folds down to become small enough to carry with you on the subway or even on a bus.

Designed to bridge a gap between playful Segways that were made just for intra-campus commutes, and motorcycles that get you from one part of town to another, the X-Scooter comes equipped with powerful in-wheel motors that give it enough torque to tow mini-trailers hitched to it with as much as 220lbs of weight, and a battery that delivers up to 60 kilometers (37 miles) of range on full juice. The e-scooter even has front and rear blinkers fitted on, making it safe to drive on major roads, and an electric horn to help you navigate safely by alerting commuters around you.

Ultimately, the X-Scooter LOM provides what could be the next step in mobility. Rather than spending hours in gridlocks (whether you’re on two wheels or four), or having to carry a folding scooter in your trunk to help you cover the large distance between your office and the parking lot, the X-Scooter just helps you cover all those distances on one vehicle. Obviously, it isn’t a car replacement, just like vinyl discs still remain the standard for high-fidelity audio. Its purpose, rather, is to be a vehicle that can fill in virtually all the blanks. When commuting solo, the X-Scooter allows you to drive on virtually any terrain, on roads as well as pavements, giving you true mobility freedom… while its small, lightweight, and foldable form factor ensures you can stash it away under a table or a subway seat when you don’t need it; because it’s high time mobility evolved to be compact and connected enough to get you to where you want to be no matter what.

Designer: glafit

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X-Scooter LOM – The Future of the Last-Mile Ecosystem

The X-Scooter LOM (Last One Mile) is an electric scooter that aims to revolutionizes the last mile with Safety, Stability and Sustainability.

Your new lifestyle with LOM will no longer irritate you from traffic congestion. You will never be lost trying to find parking spaces. LOM will always provide you an environmental-friendly, fun & convenient, tireless door-to-door ride wherever you go.

Main Features

Safety Components. Many safety components, like headlights, brake lights, direction indicators, reflective plates and horns have been installed.

Stability. The 12-inch front & 10-inch back pneumatic tire design brings unparalleled stability & agility to the ride. This architectural design makes bumps on the ride hardly noticeable, assuring a consistent ride experience across various surfaces and types of terrain.

Also, LOM allows us to ride with both feet parallel on the board. This natural stand-up stance not only breaks free of any fatigue throughout your rides, but helps maintain your balance through slow-speed rides, making LOM suitable for various places such as crowded spaces.

Mini-trailers. LOM can run with connectable mini-trailers, with up to 220lbs(100kg) of additional weight on the trailer. Shopping, surfing, hiking & camping etc… LOM will be with you wherever you go.

Foldable Design. The handles and the front bar are foldable to a one-handed carry size. Convenient to both pull with the rolling rear tires and one-handedly carry upstairs.

Designated App: Our designated app provides comprehensive vehicle operation from vehicle connection & activation, and even key code sharing with family and friends, supporting the last-mile travel not just for you but for the people around you.

BMS (Battery Management System): The latest Battery Management System, which is developed in collaboration with Panasonic, has a self-learning capability installed within the battery. The more you ride LOM, the more accurate data you will have regarding remaining battery life and available travel distance.

Travel Distance & Speed: 40km maximum distance with LOM’s standard battery pack, and 60km maximum distance with LOM’s optional large battery pack. There are three power modes (High: 25km/h, Mid: 12km/h, Eco: 6km/h) installed to fit your ride for various occasions.

Made in Japan

From its mechanical architecture to its external design, everything is internally developed and assembled at their Japan HQ. They are committed to delivering “The Best-in Class”.


Rear Blinkers/Brake Lights.

Headlights. High efficiency LED for all installed lights. Maximum visibility with the least power consumption.

Electric horn.

3 types of mode settings, choose the mode you want.

Same tires as electric motorcycles. Wider tires than normal bicycles for both stability and durability.

48V350W compact in-wheel motors for powerful and durable rides.

Durable, hard Maple top with non-slip material coating used for the step board.


– Battery: Charging time 3.5h 460Wh 48V
– Speed: 4-15mph (6-25km)
– Range: 25 miles (40km)
– Weight: 36 lbs (16.5kg)
– Wheels: Front 12 inches, Rear 10 inches
-Motor: 350-700W
-Slope 12%

These features make a big big difference in the actual last-mile ecosystem.

How To Use Some of the Features

Please pick LOM up by the frame, not the handle stem. It’s only fastened with a magnet.

The battery slides off simply with the turn of the key.

You can charge from any outlet in your home. You can charge it with the battery attached to the vehicle, or removed.

Click Here to Buy Now: $920 $1,315 (32% off). Hurry, only 165/200 left!