These adorably plushy armchairs function flawlessly in public and private setting!

Comfortable seating solutions can really make or break the space they are in, be it an office, a waiting area or any form of public space. However, the seating designs you usually find in such spaces are far from cozy. The Botera armchairs are here to defy this norm. Designed by E-GGS for Miniforms, Botera is a family of big plush armchairs. The chair’s chunky base is supported by a backrest, which can be high or low to suit your needs!

Padded with four different types of foams, the modular system can be fitted into various arrangements, while prioritizing comfort first. The chairs can be arranged in groups, allowing for interaction and engagement between people, or they can be separated, creating little private spots for individuals. Not to mention there’s something minimally adorable about the bubble-like armchairs! One look at them, and you will feel like jumping right into them, for a quick rest.

Botera has the power to bring people together for a fun chit-chat, while also providing you with your own personal cocoon. Designed to be used in a public area with the ability to place them side-by-side while saving you space or at home to match your comfort, this ability of Botera to execute both spaces flawlessly is its uniqueness. With a variety of options when it comes to fabric patterns and colors, this chair is like the DIY bear that you can build up and jump into for utmost comfort!

Designer: E-GGS for Miniforms