Zygo Teapot by Shaun Redsar

Drinking tea is a special time. Unlike coffee, where things are rushed at a breakneck speed, drinking tea is a time of introspection, and meditation. It is personal, spiritual and ceremonial. The Zygo teapot draws on these qualities to enhance the tea experience. The delicate yet sturdy ceramic frame embraces the stainless steel sphere in an engaging juxtaposition of form, surface, and material.

Designer: Shaun Redsar


  • Kahoneez says:

    Visually this is very creative and imaginative however as far as ” enhancing the tea drinking experience ” I have to say I’m not diggin that journey, I’m think’n more of an Alien Rejuvenation Station.

  • Frances says:

    Wow!!!is that a tea pot??the first time i saw it i tought it was a marble holder!!! LOL

  • saltynay says:

    I think that looks amazing gimme gimme gimme gimme. Don’t really think it will improve anything but will look awesome sitting on a counter

  • Nad says:

    Think of cleaning this thing!! It’s beautiful but not that practical.

  • TeaDrinker says:

    do you know where I can buy it?

  • TeaDrinker says:

    do you know where I can buy it?

  • Margaret miller says:

    Were can I buy this I live in Glasgow many thanks zygo tea pot

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