Why should iPads have all the great cases?!


You know how iPads have cover cases that turn into stands? There’s no reason your MacBook shouldn’t have that! This Leather-crafted MacBook case gives your precious $2,000 machine all the protection it deserves but doesn’t get. The case covers both top and bottom, making sure you don’t end up scratching the beauty (after all, aluminum doesn’t stand a chance against your keys), and even forms a lip around the edges and curves so that accidental drops don’t dent the edges of your machine.

The case even doubles up as a stand for your laptop, allowing it to tilt upwards and forwards just a little bit to give you the angle you desire (especially for you standing-desk types). What’s more, the leather extends around your mousepad too, making sure you have a nice comfortable place to rest your wrists while you power through the day!

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