A trophy coffee machine!


Nothing about the Drip says “appliance for your mundane kitchen”. This incredibly sculptural coffee machine looks more like a trophy for professional excellence than a coffee brewing apparatus. Made almost entirely from aluminum, the Drip’s forms are stylized to look elegant and savvy. Pair it with the microtextured matte black and polished gold color/finish combination and you’ve got something truly remarkable looking. Besides the colors black and gold almost celebrate the hues of coffee too! The concentric ripple designs on both upper and lower elements look like ripples, and I honestly feel ashamed to put my boring white mug on the platform to have the brew pour directly into it.

In fact the Drip’s aesthetic is so remarkably dazzling, looking at it does a better job of awakening my senses than actually drinking the coffee!

The Drip Coffee Stand is a winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Joseph Lee Emerson for Lyfe Inc.