Cuna Furniture Upcycles Your TV Box Into Sustainable Multifunctional Furniture

Innovative design often emerges from the desire to solve a problem, and the Cuna furniture collection is a perfect example of this principle. Created as a solution to repurpose cardboard, Cuna is an eco-friendly piece of furniture that is cleverly designed, a multifunctional piece that redefines the concept of sustainability and functionality.

Designer: Valeria CoelloCrafted from cardboard, a material readily available in most households, it is a testament to the idea that there is latent potential in what we often consider to be “waste.” Think about the sheer volume of cardboard boxes that accompany the gadgets, appliances, and packages we receive daily. Rather than relegating this cardboard to landfills, Cuna repurposes it, offering an ingenious solution that is as practical as it is environmentally friendly.

Created from just two sheets of sturdy cardboard joined by five additional pieces, the bench offers a unique aesthetic and DIY experience. It’s a lovely DIY experience that allows one to build a connection with their masterpiece. The brilliance actually lies in the simplicity of its design. By utilizing the principles of joinery, the pieces interlock without the need for screws or adhesives, forming a structure that is remarkably sturdy and surprisingly lightweight.

The genius of the Cuna bench lies in its versatility. When assembled, it can be used in two different ways, depending on the user’s needs. In its standard configuration, it offers a beautifully curved seating area for one person. However, flip it upside down, and an additional layer of cardboard transforms it into a conventional flat bench, capable of potentially seating an extra person. This dual-purpose functionality extends further; the flat-top version can also serve as a table. With two of these benches, you have a complete set—a low table and chairs—perfect for various settings, from hosting parties to day-to-day living.

Despite being made of cardboard, Cuna is surprisingly comfortable. The 6-8mm thickness of the cardboard provides a firm yet yielding surface, which is gentle on the body. The curved design provides a cozy seating experience, with the sides acting as convenient armrests or even as a place to set down a cup or phone. When placed against a wall, it even acts as a makeshift backrest. Furthermore, it can serve as a daybed, allowing you to rest on one side while placing your legs on the other.

Cuna is an ideal option for a wide range of scenarios. Whether you are a student on a budget, a bachelor looking for practical and sustainable furniture or a new homeowner looking to add both comfort and sustainability to your space, Cuna fits the bill perfectly.

The next time you unbox a new TV, microwave, or even the humble pizza, think twice before discarding the packaging. With Cuna, you can repurpose that cardboard, transforming it into a functional piece of furniture that adds an element of sustainability and comfort to your living space.