A flatpack wireless mouse that’s highly customizable depending on hand shape

Always wished for a wireless mouse that would fit like a charm for the ultimate comfort while working? A mouse that can be opened up like a flatpack piece of furniture for seamless storage while traveling.

We all have used our fair share of computer mice, and we’ll continue doing so in the future. While most mouse designs are centered around click speed or smooth scroll, there is a missing link in the form of overall ergonomics. Manufacturers can only create a standard size that will be a perfect fit for some, while too big or small for others. This is where a custom-fit design for a mouse comes into play for unparalleled levels of comfort.

Designer: Tianrui Xie

Meet Morph wireless mouse which is mindfully designed to reduce overall weight, made from biodegradable materials and is the solution that could revolutionize mouse design forever. The idea is to scan the handshape of the user and then create a custom-fitting mouse that can be flat-packed like IKEA furniture. Yes, this computer peripheral sheds all the weight of ABS plastic used in most mouse out there. The outer shell is created from 2mm bio-degradable veg-tanned leather (since it’s flexible and sturdy) which keeps the ergonomic comfort of use for long durations in line with what we all desire.

The outer casing can be opened up for storage in a bag or luggage which will virtually take up no space – now that is a big advantage. Designer Tianrui Xie has created working prototypes of the Microsoft Arc Mouse-inspired wireless mouse, and given its numerous design evolutions, I can’t help but long for it to be available on the market sooner rather than later. You just hook in together like a holster when needed and it superimposes to the hand shape like a second skin. The accessory makes even more sense for people who are always on the move or travel a lot.

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