This one universal cable was designed to Fast charge all your gadgets

The unofficial history of the MagSafe goes all the way back to Asia, when Asian electric kettle manufacturers used a similar magnetic detail to prevent kettles from falling over if someone tripped on the power-cord, and avoiding spilling scalding hot water on them. That safety feature found great use in the MagSafe too, which wasn’t designed so much to prevent human damage as it was to prevent tech-damage. Needless to say, the magnetic connector was a pretty great invention (whoever’s it was) but it never really carried forward into the modern smartphone era. It doesn’t make sense that it didn’t, considering smartphones are more likely to break than laptops are, and are arguably just as expensive.

The VOLTA Spark builds on a useful technology Apple abandoned years ago, and brings it into the modern age. The design revolves around a single cable and multiple magnetic pins that fit inside the ports of your various devices. The universal cable snaps onto the magnetic pins, allowing you to effectively charge different devices using the same cable without wasting time and energy fidgeting with connectors or aligning ports. The concept isn’t new, to be honest (we’ve seen our share of companies attempting it), but the VOLTA Spark does outdo them with its capabilities. For starters, the VOLTA Spark’s cables are far more durable than most, with a braided nylon outer cover to ensure your cable outlasts all your gadgets, and a lifetime warranty to drive the fact home. Anti-fray collars prevent any sort of damage, and the magnetic port-pins boast impact-proof durability too. The neodymium magnets on the cable and pins instantly align to create a secure connection, and disengage if you ever accidentally trip on the wire, so your gadget doesn’t go flying across the room!

Unlike most universal MagSafe cables, the VOLTA Spark is also capable of up to 100W of power delivery, allowing you to even use it to charge your USB-C laptop. The Spark supports fast-charging, giving you the ability to quickly charge your phones, laptops, and other devices, and even has an OTG power-delivery feature, which allows you to connect two devices to each other and transfer power between them. Armed with USB-C, Lightning, and MicroUSB pins, the VOLTA Spark covers all bases, working with phones, laptops, tablets, earphones/wireless headphones, gaming controllers, and a whole variety of other devices. Switching between devices is as easy as snapping the cable off one gadget and onto another, and the auto-aligning neodymium magnets do the rest – in fact the cables even come with a built-in LED to let you know your device is successfully charging.

The VOLTA Spark extends the convenience and safety the MagSafe brought when it came to charging expensive devices. Built to universally work across practically all your gadgets, the Spark seamlessly switches between devices so you don’t need to worry about having the right cable on you every time. Besides, that lifetime warranty even means it works with all the new devices you’ll buy too… speaking of which, rumor has that it the new iPhone won’t be coming with a charging cable inside the box.

Designer: Adedayo Charis of VOLTA

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VOLTA Spark – Charge Aall your Devices & Laptops

The VOLAT Spark is a universal cable that Fast charges all USB-C PD devices. Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel XL or any micro USB devices and more.

Overview Features:

– SnagSafe (Like MagSafe)
– 10x stronger than any other cable
– Supports: Data Transfer – CarPlay – Android Auto
– USB C-PD (60W – 100W)
– Reversible strong magnets
– Lifetime warranty
– Smart LED (Like MacBook chargers)
– Super fast charging (70% faster than regular cable)
– On-The-Go (Transform your phone into a battery pack)

SnagSafe – Like MagSafe

Like MagSafe, VOLTA Spark offers an extra protection by detaching from your device instantly if you accidentally snag the cord.

Cross Device Compatibility

Power any device with a micro USB, USB C (Universal/Android) or Lightning port (Apple). Unlike other charging cables, VOLTA Spark is equipped to power all USB-C devices including fast charging for the iPhone X series and MacBook Pro.

Charge Anywhere – On-The-Go

You can now transform your phone into a battery pack with VOLTA Spark. On-The-Go charging functionality allows you to share charge between your devices without the need for a charger or a power bank.

Premium Materials

– 18K gold-plated copper core plug guarantee a lightning-fast charge.
– 18K gold-plated needles deliver a faster, more stable current to your device.
– 3 layers of military-grade PVC protection, & anti-corrosive nickel-plating means your Spark will last forever.

World’s Strongest Magnetic Cable

Two perfectly aligned, N52-grade Neodymium reversible magnets in 360° orientation – at both ends – deliver an immediate, powerful connection in an instant. Just get the end of the cable close to the connector, and it snaps right into place.

VOLTA Spark connects (or disconnects) to your devices instantly, without effort. This is ‎especially useful at night when you’re trying to get a charge in the dark.

Lifetime Warranty

The Spark is 10 times stronger than the average ‎cable out there. The anti-scratch aluminum shielding ensures the ‎lasting, pristine condition of the connectors. PBV braiding and intelligent strain-relief collars ‎on the cable give it astounding agility, strength, and flexibility to enable our cables to be ‎strong enough to lift a brick or pull a vehicle.

3 Ways to Connect

1. Insert the charging tip into the port of your USB device or Smartphone or Laptop.
2. The Spark will magnetically connect when placed near the tip inside your device(s).
3. The smart LED lets you know your device is charging.

Data Transfer, Carplay & Android Auto

The Spark charges and sync at speed 480mbps.

Click Here to Buy Now: $28 $42 (33% off).