Sustainable tabletop smoker adds to your dinner aesthetic

If you’re having a dinner party and you need to smoke some of your food like meats, vegetables, fish, cheese, and nuts, you probably will have to do it outdoors. But if you don’t have space to do actual smoking and you just have your table as your space, then that can be a problem (or you might have to just change your menu). There are options out there for table smokers but not all of them are convenient or emit minimal smoke or worse, they can make your food a bit charred.

Designer: Guillaume Bloget

The Cloche table smoker may be the solution to that particular problem. It uses aromatic plants and wood chips as your smoker so that the food you’re cold smoking will still be able to retain their original flavors but this time with a smoky note added to it. It can also serve as part of your dining table decoration as its beech and stainless steel aesthetic can add to the atmosphere of your meal. You can create a ritual out of arranging the food, lighting the fire, then putting it out and presenting the food for eating.

Using it seems pretty easy on paper. You place the ingredients on the metal part and then put the aromatic plants or pine needles on the hearth. You can use matches or a blowtorch to light your “fireplace” then close the smoker with the beech cover. The fire will be put out once you put the cover on (hopefully). After 30 minutes, you can lift the cover and then start consuming whatever it is you were cold smoking. You will still get some residual smoke but hopefully not to make anyone cough or choke.

Having a table smoker like this can help alleviate the pressure of having an actual smoking grill if you just need to cook a bit of food for your party. But of course this is assuming you’re just having a few guests over since the Cloche table smoker is a bit small. If you’re not using it, it can also just be part of your table decoration or a food container.