The Fountain of Life

A great example of human-centered design, the Fountain of Life birth pool combines hi-tech hygienics with thoughtful ergonomics to calm and comfort soon-to-be new parents. A friendly and easy to use interface helps monitor water quality and temperature as well as controls the built-in water cycling filtration system that disinfects water before flushing out. The hexagonal shape was adapted for the birthing posture and tactile handles and foot pedals add grip so users can hold on and let er’ rip!

Designer: Yu Liu


  • Hunter says:

    Something tells me this product will have a … different clientele.

  • manuel says:

    The hight is all wrong. It should be bed high. the doctor should be standing up. It makes no difference in the design. But its crucial for its use.

  • A mom says:

    If the designer had taken any trouble in researching what happens when giving birth (s)he would know that there is no such thing like one position for all. A woman also has to be able to get on her knees. This is actual the better birth position than half laying down. The trouble with laying down is, that the head of the baby has more trouble finding the right way through the pelvis. If a baby is then a bit heavier than usual it can cause a caecarean. How sad is that.
    Sorry, this is of no use.

  • Chester Flashlight says:

    This must be really nice if you’re a dolphin.

    A dolphin giving birth to a baby dolphin.

  • Elfya says:

    What a great idea!

  • Jaco says:

    There goes my appetite

  • Ginny says:

    Really? how safe would it be for a term pregnant woman to have to climb a ladder to get into the tub….

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