Most Buzzed Designs of January 2018


Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in January 2018.



Modeled to look like a rifle, the Puna actually packs functionality in every possible detail. For example, its barrel doubles as a scalpel blade, while the silencer that attaches itself to the front is actually a miniature screw-driver.


Once grown in, they make for excellent visual dividers and acoustic dampening panels whether it’s for an open floor plan workspace or outdoor patio that needs spatial defining.


The award-winning team behind the Ticwatch Android Wear Smartwatches have really outdone themselves with the latest Good Design Award Winner the ‘Express’ and the IF Design Award Winner the ‘Sport.’


Designed as an introduction to assistive mobility, the walking wheel takes inspiration from the traditional walking stick without the total reliance.


The Scentee Machina diffuser is a flat plate that lets you dock a clear fragrance tube into it, and comes in a Uno and Quattro variants letting you dock single or multiple fragrances. Controlled via a smartphone app, you can choose which fragrance you want to be diffused, and at what time.


The OPod Tube Housing is low-cost, stackable micro-homes manufactured from concrete pipes. These pipes would be slotted in between building gaps rather similar to a game of Tetris.


The Rmour beautifully echoes Apple’s new philosophy of creating products that are objects of desire. It adds precious silver and gold to the edges of your iPhone in a bumper format that highlights your phone’s design by showing off as much of it as possible.


The Twofold can be both a wall-mounted shelf or a desk with such relative ease, it seems simple yet striking.


Transparent/light during the day, and turning dark around sunset, the Dusk clock tells you the time while hinting at the am/pm too, using light and dark colors to indicate the color of the sky at the time of the day. Buy now!


The Tetra soap comes in the shape of a wave-breaker, giving you a great amount of surface area to work up a lather, while making sure the soap is easy to hold onto even (especially) when wet.


Nintendo brings that beautiful intimacy and analog nature of toys back with the Labo, a series of cardboard cutouts that fold to become elaborate objects that house Nintendo’s Switch controllers and screen, using them in a way never thought of before.


If the Furia bicycles fearsome form looks familiar, that’s because you’ve definitely seen it before… only, not in a bicycle! It’s one of the first to utilize motorcycle-inspired hub-center steering.



Now if you ever thought that wallet design could take influences from architecture, it would sound outwardly absurd, but just look at the RIN Wallet and you’ll see how design influences carry seamlessly from one form/discipline to another. Buy now!


Iliad tells the story of a variety of heroes that entering the war between Troy and Greece, so it comes as no surprise that the Ilias fountain pen carries similar design language to that of a spear, tying the weapon of words and a weapon of war together.


Not only does it secure your bike when you’re not using it, it also serves as a stand to keep it upright.


Evan Gant’s rather nifty 3D printed support structure turns balloons into water-holding receptacles for your flowers. The balloons slip around the plastic columns and the instant you pour water in, the balloon swells up to resemble a bulbous vase shape.



The All In One Keyboard comes with this unusual design that looks funny first, but makes a world of sense later. Fitting inside its cuboidal frame is a keyboard, a trackpad, and a wireless charging dock (that not only charges the keyboard but even your smartphones).


The iMac Clamp Hub makes use of a series of small slots running around the base (the speaker grill) to dock itself in a rather beautiful manner, flushing perfectly with the surface of the iMac’s front, while giving you the one thing Apple couldn’t. Accessibility.


The original PSP lacked L2/R2 buttons and a right analogue stick while the PSVita supported two analogue sticks and an awkward touchpad instead of L2/R2 buttons. Kim’s Playstation Portable combines the best of both worlds!

비헨스 티비

Instead of disappearing into the wall or disguising itself as something else, the Inkel Reinterpret TV simply doubles as a modern shelving unit.


As Chifen Cheng put it, the Knife Reinvented is a salad knife that does more than just cut. Utilizing the hand as a pestle, this salad knife is not only hyper-functional, it’s aesthetically gorgeous due to the material contrast.


Solar panels only work for half the day when the sun is out, making them useful only 50% of the time. Blue Freedom opts for something that’s much more consistent. Hydro power.


The APOLLO 2.0 is clad in a super-sleek black ebony that contrasts nicely with Tron-style aqua details. Its body sports a circular bottom half that makes it rest comfortably in the palms and allows for the rotary menu to quickly navigate apps and settings.



Depending on your perspective, you’ll see an entirely different structure and light form!



AXY’s modular construction makes it possible to quickly switch between over-ear headphones, stereo desktop speakers and mono portable speakers in seconds.


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