Electric Chopsticks can enhance taste of your low-sodium food

Electric Chopsticks

We had never heard of electric chopsticks because we never imagined that such simple and straightforward tools would need to be improved. But when it comes to innovation, you can trust the Japanese to think in ways most people would never think of.

Chopstick innovations and redesigns have been presented, but nothing like this project introduced together by Kirin Holdings and the Miyashita Laboratory (Meiji University Dr. Homei Miyashita Laboratory of the Department of Frontier Media Science, School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences). The chopstick device comes with an electrical stimulation waveform that together work to adjust the taste of low-sodium food.

Designers: Homei Miyashita and Kirin Holdings

Electric Chopsticks Information

The chopsticks can make low-sodium food taste salty. So you can enjoy the food more but sans the high sodium content. This idea can benefit those who need to go on a low-sodium diet.

Right now, chopsticks can be used, but other utensils can also take advantage of the system. Salty taste enhancement is possible with electrical stimulation on a utensil. With the goal of improving the electric taste sensation, more people can enjoy what they eat even with reduced salt.

So is a low-sodium diet now possible for you? Yes, with a pair of electric chopsticks and we think this idea will work for those who need to reduce sodium in their diet. And if it really does good to a person’s body, then maybe the designers of these electric chopsticks will try making a plate version. Now that will fly off the shelves and really sell.

You see, people need all the help we can have to get fit. But, if working out is too difficult, then maybe changing our diet can work. Personally, I just need something that will reduce my appetite and make healthy food taste better.

Electric Chopsticks Design

How does this electric chopstick system work? The device uses a weak electrical current in transmitting sodium ions from the food to the mouth. It’s done through the chopsticks and then straight to the mouth, where a sense of saltiness is created.

There is no real sodium added so don’t worry about extra sodium intake. Right now, the project is still in its chopsticks prototype stage. The development needs to be finished before hitting the market early next year. If this becomes a real product, we’ll place it under the useful category together with the SL27 LINK Chopsticks, Penstix (Chopsticks for the modern man), and the Lekue’s Twin One cutlery set.

Electric Chopsticks Concept

Electric Chopsticks Details