You’ll never waste food again!

Population increases, lifestyles evolve, consumption increases… But what do we do with all the leftover waste? One downfall of city-living is the inability to effectively dispose of your food waste. Not so much effective disposal, but more so the repurpose of food waste. And with proper disposal one needs to consider the time, smell, and space. A healthy, smart and design conscious solution to this growing concern is the FoodCycler Eco-Friendly Food Recycler.

Eco-friendly and highly efficient, the Food Recycler is exactly that, it takes your food scraps and turns them into nutrient-rich soil, converting waste into resource. The FoodCycler reduces the food waste by up to 90% and provides the perfect soil for your garden, no matter how big or small. The system is straightforward – the device comes with a removable internal bucket which must be full before beginning the cycle. Taking only 3 hours to catalyze and produce fresh soil, the FoodCyler is practically always ready to go. On top of that, the device itself has a very clean look to it. With the inverted handle on the top lid, the FoodCycler has a perfect rectangular shape with some cozy edges to accentuate that open design aesthetic – welcome and ready for anyone to use.

Designer: FoodCycler

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