When Architecture Inspired a Wallet


The beauty of art and design is their ability to inspire and spawn new creations born from old, like a phoenix rebirthing. Now if you ever thought that wallet design could take influences from architecture, it would sound outwardly absurd, but just look at the RIN Wallet and you’ll see how design influences carry seamlessly from one form/discipline to another.

The wallet comes with a textured exterior who’s free-flowing organic patterns aren’t just great to hold, they even create a slight bit of friction in one’s pocket, allowing you to feel as the wallet slips in or out. The visual and tactile detail, therefore, adds not just to the beauty of the wallet, but also becomes a feature integral to safety. The organic pattern draws inspiration from textured walls often used in modern interiors and exteriors, creating a play of light that gives it a flavor of contemporary architecture, and in turn creates something absolutely new.

Open the wallet and you’re greeted with a criss-cross of lines that give the wallet a third dimension. Looking like a two-point perspective grid, the lines are stamped into the leather, adding texture to the wallet that feels more real and unique than the grains of the leather. It gives the wallet a sense of depth as the human eyes perceive it as a three-dimensional plane.

This one-of-a-kind aesthetic is achieved by melding together three types of leather and the craftsmanship behind them. The textured exterior comes made in EPI leather while the diagonal lines on the inside are heat pressed into supple calf leather. Binding these two together is the third, Italian Leather that lends a traditional touch to the wallet. On the inside, the RIN is lined with polyester and even comes with special RFID pockets for your cards. The bifold can hold 8 or more notes and cards, and stands at a sleek 1cm thick. Ensuring your wallet always remains sleek and light, the RIN even comes with a separate coin barrel that holds your metal currency. The barrel can be fastened to your belt hoop thanks to a carabiner clip, allowing you to have change ready when you need it, but without adding unnecessary bulk to your back pocket or slowly damaging the shape of the wallet.

The RIN comes in four distinctive color combinations that add to its modern flavor. Designed to be not just useful, but also memorable, the RIN takes inspiration from an unusual place, but displays its execution with sheer ease, making it a wallet that looks absolutely a class apart, but only because it literally is!

Designer: Chris Paragas

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Each wallet is meticulously hand-painted with a special wax coating to prevent edges from fraying with long term use.


Other bi-fold wallets accommodate more cards by stacking layers of leather, thus making the wallet unnecessarily bulky. By integrating a card slot to the main leather panel, we are able to cut down the use of leather by 70%, while still allowing the user to organize and hold just as much cards as any traditional bi-fold design.


With the RIN bi-fold, we combined 3 distinct leathers: the classic and natural finish of imported Italian leather, the free-flowing contoured design of epi-leather and the geometric heat-pressed calfskin to conceive the perfect distribution of a minimalist, yet complex aesthetic.


To protect your RFID enabled credit cards, we embedded a metal fabric within the outer leather panel of the wallet. Both compartments can be utilized to hold RFID enabled credit cards, movie tickets, receipts or any other personal belongings.



Click here to Buy Now: $47.00 $75.00 *For only 24 hours*