Android Wear Has Never Looked so Good

The award-winning team behind the Ticwatch Android Wear Smartwatches have really outdone themselves with the latest Good Design Award Winner the ‘Express’ and the IF Design Award Winner the ‘Sport.’

Ticwatch E’s interchangeable watch bands make this addition to the Android Wear a perfect choice for those who want to adapt their watch to their forever moving lifestyle. The GPS is built into the watch case, which is made of top-grade polycarbonate, making Ticwatch E durable, lightweight and perfect for daily wear!

While the Ticwatch E is very versatile regarding lifestyles, the S is perfect for very active lifestyles. The GPS Antenna is integrated into the watch band, giving you greater accuracy for tracking. With a sporty bezel display and breathable watch band, the watch is both stylish and comfortable for anyone on-the-go.

As far as design goes with these two, there is a lot to be desired – especially if we put emphasis on the Ticwatch S and its sporty bezel. The seamless integration of watch body to strap is very slick and is light on the eyes. While the Ticwatch E has a funky new watch design in the form of transparent plastic. Although the internals are still hidden, it makes for a fun material choice.

Designer: Ticwatch

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Below: Ticwatch Express






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