The Right Way to Design an iPhone Case

Apple isn’t a tech company anymore. I first heard this saying a few years ago as designers and tech experts sat and analyzed Apple’s recruitment of Marc Newson and Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve to work for the world’s most valuable company. Apple is a fashion company. Their motive is to produce gadgets that look as precious as jewels, with colors like Rose Gold and Champagne Gold only driving the point home. People line up outside Apple Stores not because their phones are superiorly functional (that’s arguable), but because the phones have people in a trance.

It’s however difficult to find accessories for Apple’s phones that follow the same philosophy of being fashionably functional. Phone cases, for instance, are way too utilitarian, and while phones grow thinner and more beautiful, cases are more and more necessary to keep those phones looking good… but at the price of destroying their aesthetic. What the Rmour does differently is that it protects the iPhone, but more importantly, it doesn’t steal the iPhone’s thunder… it adds to it.

Minimal in size, but heavily expressive, the Rmour beautifully echoes Apple’s new philosophy of creating products that are objects of desire. It adds precious silver and gold to the edges of your phone in a bumper format that highlights your phone’s design by showing off as much of it as possible, while its beautiful design sits on your iPhone like a solitaire diamond ring. Made from 925 Silver with a 18K White Gold enamel, the Rmour come in various styles that add aesthetic beauty to your phone while making sure it stays protected from accidental drops. The Rmour’s individual members adhere to your phone’s corners and absorb impact from all directions. Designed to provide all-round protection, the Rmour even comes with a variant that forms a ring around the camera bump, making sure your phone pretty much never makes contact with the floor or any flat surface when dropped.

With a variety of styles inspired by iconic design details (including Dame Zaha Hadid’s Mesa Table as one of its inspiration sources), the Rmour case does the right thing by treating the iPhone as a fashion gadget, rather than a smartphone. Made for the iPhone 8, 8Plus, but more importantly the most stylish iPhone of them all the iPhone X, Rmour adds protection to your phone like most cases, but at the same time, it also adds style and value, without subtracting anything from the iPhone’s already gorgeous design because there’s no reason you should need to choose between the beauty of a sleek smartphone and the need to preserve that very beauty.

Designer: Creatio Design

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ARES was inspired by the works of renowned Iraqi-British architect and designer, Zaha Hadid. One of her most famous pieces, the Mesa table, incorporates the form and space found in natural environments.

The triangular element on the surface creates a modern and elegant look. The triangles on the surface are from a quality enamel, and underneath is a 925 sterling silver that is plated with white gold.



KNIGHT consists of two which two angular smooth lining compliments iPhone X’s new design. It consists of a series of futuristic lines and shapes. There are two hollow straight lines that extend upwards from the top and bottom of, intersecting on both sides to give a futuristic feeling. This design is perfect for any business environment or users who are constantly on the move.



The LUNAR design was inspired by the most exquisite cuts of diamond in the world. Creatio Design sought to capture the spirit of these precious gems, at an affordable price point for their backers. The precise artistry used to cut the silver combined with the dazzling bezel facets will make your device shine.

Lunar’s ultra thin design allows each corner to fit seamlessly with your iPhone X. No bulky cases. No obstructed views. The luxury and detailed craftsmanship of Lunar’s design will make any iPhone user feel like a million bucks.



The INFINITY was inspired by modernism architecture and geometric shapes. This design features a polyhedral spin that gradually twists in all four corners. The result is an extraordinary looking shape that feels unique yet familiar at the same time.


Their lens guard protects your device’s camera from scuffs and scratches. You will appreciate having peace of mind that your camera lens is safe and sound.

Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $129.00