Most Buzzed Designs of August 2016

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in August 2016.


The QMR (Quantum Motor Racing) concept explores the use of quantum levitation, a far-out yet feasible expansion of magnet tech that relies on temperature adjustments and a delicate balance of superconductors and magnets. The requirements for development into large-scale use (like that of a racetrack) would be incredibly challenging and expensive but absolutely fascinating if achieved!

The CityGo Urban is a motorized scooter that acts as a compact personal transportation vehicle. Think of it as the Segway’s cooler looking cousin.


Euikyun Koh, a designer from Seoul, Korea might just have a solution to my draining bank account. It’s called Air-tree. This very modern and minimalistic air conditioning system, will spread cold air 360 degrees throughout the home.


Echo believes phones shouldn’t be brick-ish, but rather should have organic shapes so as to ensure ease-of-use.


Buzz Helicopter aims at being the worker bee of the helicopter category. Buzz is versatile, and can take on a variety of scenarios. Taking inspiration from its natural counterpart, the Buzz copter has a slender body, and its landing gear resembles insect legs. This gives it agility and allows it to land on any type of terrain, making it one awesome multitasking chopper.

The Essentialist wallet is what you get after the leather wallet has an existential crisis. Designed with a completely redefined purpose, the wallet holds cards, cash, a USB stick, and a bottle opener.


The ShelterPack is a disaster relief home that fits a bedroom (with 4 beds), bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, and a dining space (with furniture) into a slab just about 80 centimeters in height. The entire apartment can be set up in just a few hours by elevating the ceiling, and putting the walls in place.


Chinese automaker Chery is challenging ideas about what an SUV should be. The Chery FV2030 seems to be enhanced for the road, which is actually where most SUV drivers keep their wheels planted! The concept has been designed to outrun the “new normal” of the luxury performance crossover that originals like Infiniti and BMW introduced.


Ᾰ-table (pronounced “alpha-table”) is beautifully simplistic with a stylish industrial aesthetic. The design features nearly one hundred laths of used pallets that are joined on a frame composed of steel tubes and threaded rods. This unique construction relies entirely on bolts meaning you won’t find any screws or glue!