The Clothespin of All Invention

When the day comes, you will know it. It will be like you are Paul, and God just smacks you right off the horse. This is what happened to designer Bartosz Mucha* -but instead of God, Mucha was hit by a clothes pin! Presenting Mucha’s collection of pin-on-objects, going by the title “Beech Objects.”

*NOTE: Bartosz Mucha is the designer of the ever-so-popular paper clip USB -the “Spinacz.” – these are a continuation, in a sense, of the collection that started there.

When you’ve got the urge, you just can’t resist!
You attach things to other things,
you bend one thing into another thing,
and you use lots of glue and nails!

This is the design ideation process, and every good design person catches the craze now and then. Sometimes the things you think of are fantastic, and sometimes the things you think of should just be shot out the airlock.


Designer: Bartosz Mucha [ Via: Pan-Dan ]