Your bed is dirtier than you think!


The Bed Care Table should be the first appliance one installs in a bachelor’s house. Bachelor beds are nasty, and I say that because my bed’s no rosy landscape either. We don’t believe in bedsheets, or switching them, or even laying them out. The Bed Care Table at least takes care of hygiene by sterilizing the bed’s surface. It also has an inbuilt vacuum to take out those breadcrumbs from that pizza you ate in bed while streaming football. It also doubles up as a table that one can use to mount their books, or laptop. The table spans from one side to the other with wheels at the base, allowing it to roll forwards and backwards. The table also has a height adjustment feature allowing you to choose where and how high you want your bedside table! Neat! (and given how it sterilizes the bed, neat literally!)

Designer: Young Jo In