Most Buzzed Designs of August 2012

I never fully understood the implications of Dieter Ram’s ‘Good Design Is Thorough Down to the Last Detail’ maxim, till I experienced it myself. It was a well designed chair, that looked innovative and inviting; but believe me I could not park my butt on it for more than five minutes. And to add to my woes, I had to suffer through an entire three course dinner sitting on it, pretending it was comfy and cushy! Only if this designer had been good with the most essential detail of making the chair comfortable! Oh well enough said, here is a tribute to the Most Buzzed Designs of August, which go to exemplify that attention to detail is a key ingredient in good design.

10) H+BAG – Hanger and Carry Bag in paper by Hyo Jun Jeon – 5164 Hits

9) Alto Sewing Machine by Sarah Dickins – 5504 Hits

8 ) Egg Separator by Tommy Hawes – 5616 Hits

7) Origami Shelter by Doowon Suh – 5787 Hits

6) BlackBerry Wind Concept Phone by Valentin Gallard – 5898 Hits

5) Snowmobile Concept by Michal Bonikowski – 5953 Hits

4) Hole Measuring Tape by Sunghoon Jung – 6713 Hits

3) One – Flexible Display Mobile Phone by Yejin Jeon – 7894 Hits

2) Architecture Projects for China by Zaha Hadid Architects – 10975 Hits

1) Flat CD Mouse – Mobile Laptop Mouse by Taewon Hwang – 18376 Hits