BlackBerry Windows Phone Pro

We all know that BlackBerry needs to either hitch a ride with someone like Microsoft or come out with a smashing BB OS 10. If we take on the first scenario and pair BB with Microsoft, then RIM’s baby is a magnificent Windows Phone Pro, which has the possibility of including all things good from BB tools and MS Office apps. The potential of the BlackBerry Wind concept sounds too good, imagine the ultimate professional phone bearing the security and agility of BlackBerry along with the competence of MS Office.

As the designer explains, this combination will be more attractive for developers, increasing significantly the number application proposed on the now called Windows Phone Store. BlackBerry Wind signifies “Wind of change” and the new OS “WINDows” and exemplifies elegance and sobriety.

The chamfered corners (On the top and the bottom) give a swift recognition of the product, and the wide polycarbonate line on the back (Which comes on the front to highlight the speaker and create the Windows Phone OS key) increases the identity of the smartphone.

Designer: Valentin Gallard


  • Ahmad says:

    Nice design, but trim down the width a little bit

  • bob says:

    I am not sure that this product can solve their problems, but nice try.

  • Tom says:

    Whoever designed this concept… you have absolutely no idea of my hate for Blackberry. I hate everything about them, I hate their brainwashed users, their awful management, their disgusting OS and their tacky plastic piece of shit phones.

    I would buy this.


  • Dong Phuc says:

    Great design for blackberry 🙂 Thank you very much !

  • Looks fantastic and sounds like a very exciting concept, I love my Blackberry but this cool, sleek design really makes it look the part as well. Great idea and hope to see it in the shops!

  • Jonnyboy says:

    Oh I love this phone, I prefer the look of iPhone’s but the workings of Blackberry’s. This gives me both, I want one!!

  • Ao lop says:

    The best blackberry concept !

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  • Evie says:

    If OS is BlackBerry 10, this might be ok, but anything else is a step down for BBRY.

  • L.L says:

    Anyone has an idea of when this is gonna come out??

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