Shells, Whites and Yolk

It seems to be a magical appliance that separates the egg whites from the yolk in one swift twist and I am all for it! Egg Separator is a device where you place the whole egg, yes with the shell intact, into the central compartment. With a sharp twist and turn, you get the shells in one place, the whites in a separate compartment and the yolk in another. Sounds perfect, and something very handy for the MasterChef kitchen!

Designer: Tommy Hawes



  • valeria Wior says:

    I need to buy one!!!! Where can I??? Please advise

  • Viv says:

    Beautiful design! I need one ASAP!!!

  • No no no. This is a case of too much technology and environmental costs for too little benefit. It is trivial to separate an egg. If you need practice, try doing it the next time you make scrambled eggs. Don’t kid yourself. No one needs this.

  • Mark says:

    Monica, there is a quote all my work is driven by. ‘ My juicer is not to juice lemons but to start conversations.’ Phillip Stark. I imagine you use 50 things a day you do not need. This design is innovative and deserves recognition.

  • David says:

    All designs are pieces in the complex puzzle of progression and innovation on the evolutionary frontier. This is needed purely because it’s another step.

  • Kelly says:

    What a cool gadget!! I could definitely do with one of these!! Another progression step!! 🙂

  • Werner says:

    Indeed, this is a beautiful solution for a problem that was not there. Entirely superfluous, yet beautiful. I hope it’s biodegradable.

  • Talon says:

    I’m with Monica on this one. I am both an industrial designer and a chef / baker but that is besides the point.

    Even if you had to separate a dozen eggs, doing it by hand would be faster and make less of a mess with little or no egg shells in the egg yolk. This gadget would inevitably require more straining to get rid of the shells. A sieve fine enough to catch shells but coarse enough to let yolk (covered in egg whites) through it would be another whole invention.

    I will say, though, that even though I’d never buy or use one, it’s a nice solution and a beautiful design. Too bad one has to remove the top of the device to remove the shell top during the process of separation.

  • Ted says:

    Please let me know when these are available for sale.

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