Flat Pack Mouse

I know the tech companies are doing their best to come out with a mouse that is sleek and compact enough to compliment a laptop. However I am sure most of you will agree with me that a full bodied mouse is what our hands crave, when we work one with a laptop. So to address the issue or portability and keep with the demand of a fully functional mouse, we have here the Flat CD Mouse Concept. When its flat-packed it fits into the CD ROM drive and when you fold it (origami style), it converts into a fully functional mouse. Love it and want it NOW!

The Flat CD Mouse is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry.

Designer: Taewon Hwang


  • Ray says:

    How do you power/recharge the battery? Once you snap off the USB receiver, can you reattach it?

  • sensemille says:

    what’s the point of it being round? the only thing you need is for it to fit in the cd slot. other than that, you can play around with the shape to get better ergonomics.

  • This is so wrong. When battery for this is developed, DVD’s will be a part of history, and therefore there is no need for DVD ROM on laptops.

  • Lucas says:

    Good point!

  • Lucas says:

    “what’s the point of it being round? the only thing you need is for it to fit in the cd slot. other than that, you can play around with the shape to get better ergonomics.”
    My previous comment was a response to that.

    Also, if you need a beta-tester for this thing, contact me! lol

  • R says:

    It’s really tacky and vulnerable looking.

    Something that thin… And the USB receiver looks like it could snap with the slightest touch.

    I’m using an HP wireless mouse and the best part of it is that the USB receiver is so small that you can only see a small bit of it sticking out. I can also leave it in and not worry about it.

  • nicmare says:

    dvd rom ist dead.

  • Cute idea, but lots of potential problems.

    It looks super uncomfortable to use as a mouse. Square edges everywhere, ouch! Also, someone mentioned “fragile”, which is likely, though I agree with what Lucas said: I would really like to beta test it!

  • Marc says:

    Nice !! People who say DVD is dead … gt a life a Blue Ray is exatcly the same size ( and it will stay for a couple of year more ) for those who say: Why round, not confortable not good shape … it’s a LAPYOP MOUSE , not a gaming mouse, not a padded mouse, not a logitech mouse !! IT’S A DESIGN !!! When I use my lpatop , mimimum of wire is required ( 1 point on this mouse ) when I travel, the less stuff I need ( oh look you bring it IN TH CD/BURNER/BD-ROM ( 1 more point for this mouse ) I travel a lot and I dont want extra weight ( OH look again another point for this mouse ) as for the battery ..as a concept it’s a detail’s ( but with the wireless electricity technologie ( yes it exist ) we cann add a 0,1kg to the cd and got a receptor inside instead of a battery ( capacitor ) and there you go ! If this happen for real , all my employee ( 1,000 and more ) will have this with their unit !! Thanks !

  • Marc says:

    Another point … Fragile ? Did you ever try to bend a cd/dvd or blue ray … it’s stronger than you think !

  • Dave says:

    Call me old fashioned but I like it! Definitely thinking outside the “circle”.
    I always get a kick out of people who have not invented ANYTHING, criticising something new…
    Just like music critics who can’t play an instrument.

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