Origami to the Rescue!

Inspired by the recent quakes and tsunamis in Japan and Haiti, the Origami Shelter aims to provide fast, efficient protection for those in dire situations. The design takes from the folding principles of origami and transforms from small rectangle to a secure, durable sanctuary in minutes. The compact design can easily be shipped in large quantities and constructed by a single individual, making it a great disaster relief product.

Designer: Doowon Suh


  • Joe Gimblett says:

    Genius idea! Could the design it be fashioned from local materials (if there was a shortage of the shelters ) or have you chosen a particular material for a reason?

  • aura carvalho says:

    is it already available to buy and/or distribute?
    congratulations for the admirable solution
    looking forward for your answer

  • David Kim says:

    Great idea.
    If so make a little more practical effect on life-saving face!

  • Doowon Suh says:

    This is not yet on sale and/or distribute.

  • Makkiko Kawasaki says:

    How about camping for the ‘Origami to Rescue’?
    Why do not You try to develop that way?
    If so, I want to buy it.

  • Andrew Russell says:

    What a great idea!! Except in emergency situations, it’s also able to use for camping, movable kiosk, small store, movable house and so on..

  • szilveszter says:

    Very nice job. If it is easy to build up, then it is really great. 🙂

  • Matthew says:

    Nice design. I’d like to see this go into production.

  • jennifer achy says:

    i like this design so much may i have some informations about the joints?? i wish have reply by mail:)

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