This Remarkably Hand-Crafted Wooden Stationery Box Is Every Tinkerer’s Dream Come True

We’re the last analog generation. A generation that knew life before a metaverse, and before digitalism took over. In a world that’s so immersed in digital life, it’s rare to come across a tactile experience as delightful as the ONEBOX… a figment of a more enchanting time. The ONEBOX is a woodworking wonder, combining multiple different tools into an interlocking Jenga-like beauty, using the same traditional mortise and tenon joining technique seen for centuries in large-scale buildings in ancient times. When assembled, the ONEBOX looks just like any ordinary wooden box. Pull the pieces apart and you discover that each piece is, in fact, a stationery tool or fidget toy.


Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $69 ($40 off). Hurry, only 4/220 left!

Made of mortise and tenon joinery with strong magnetic suction to ensure the solidity of the piece when it is fully assembled.

Exploded view of splicing method.

Designed as a tinkerer and stationery nerd’s ultimate storage box, the ONEBOX is a multi-part storage box expertly crafted from poplar, beech, or black walnut wood. In its assembled form, the box measures 6.3 inches long, 2.3 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. Open it and its multiple wooden pieces transform into a container for your stationery, an adjustable scale/ruler, a phone stand, and a tiny 5×5 board game of Gomoku or Checkers. All the pieces are meticulously crafted from solid wood, with flawless mortise and tenon joints and built-in magnets that allow the pieces to snap together when closed, creating a stationery box that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts.

The Eternal Pencil

The box’s multiple parts serve various purposes. It comes with a container that stores stationery like color pencils, and the ONEBOX’s Eternal Pencil – a two-part writing instrument that writes without graphite and can last forever. The Eternal Pencil comes with a grip, and a threaded module that lets you attach the pencil’s main head, made from a carbon-zinc alloy. This alloy mimics the effects of a pencil, without any of the sharpening or smudging. As soon as the tip touches paper, it leaves behind a pencil-like grey mark that’s waterproof. Meanwhile, the pencil literally lasts forever, outliving thousands of pencils while never needing to be sharpened.

The Extendable Ruler

The Phone Holder

Gomoku – Classic game of five-in-one

The eternal pencil is accompanied by a two-part scale or ruler, that can be used individually, joined together to create a longer half-foot scale, or even combined at a 90° angle to turn into a right-angled ruler or set square. The remaining elements of the ONEBOX form a phone stand that can be used at three different angles, and a Gomoku board, along with X and O pieces that fit into a 5×5 square for a quick game of Gomoku or Five In A Row – a sort of variation on the game Go, not too different from Checkers.

The ONEBOX was designed for people who appreciate the beauty of tactility, of creativity, and of true craftsmanship. The boxes are a pleasure to own, use, and often fidget with too. Each box is hand-crafted individually using responsibly sourced wood – a testament not to just sustainability, but the very idea of less-means-more in a mass-produced world. The ONEBOX starts at $29, and begins shipping in September given its meticulous, heirloom-like production cycle.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $69 ($40 off). Hurry, only 4/220 left!