EDC that’s no bigger than a dollar coin


When folded down, the Eclipse literally can fit into your coin purse. Circular, and virtually the same size as a coin, the Eclipse can be carried anywhere and everywhere, allowing you to have a blade handy for both outdoor activities as well as indoor applications.

Eclipse’s blade features an inventive deploying technique that has it sliding outwards using parallel linkages. This prevents the blade’s edge from ever coming in contact with your hand, allowing for safe, one-handed deployment. The sheepsfoot blade instantly locks into position via the button-lock on its body. The Eclipse comes made entirely from hardened 440C Stainless Steel (there’s also a limited edition titanium variant), and boasts of classic color schemes like silver (a perfect selection given its coin-shape), and menacing black. A perfect EDC not just for outdoor freaks, but also collectors, the Eclipse, with its uniquely convenient form factor, and awe-inspiring transformation, is quite the must-have!

Designer: Fulcrum Knives