Radio Controlled Lifesavers

Adding a dash of technology to the traditional lifesaver ring is this intelligent concept called RC – Controlled Life Buoy. As the name suggests, it is a saving ring that can be controlled by the lifeguard using radio controllers. The idea is to help make the rescue operation swifter and lessen the stress of the person in the water.

RC – Controlled Life Buoy is a 2011 Liteon Award entry.

Designers: Peng Shanzhong, Li Weilin & Ju Xinxin


  • Akira ZHONG says:

    It is a good thinking.But how are you going to control the directions? As the pics showing me that it could only move forward or backward.

  • I’m agree. The idea is good but it looks like no easy to control direction.

  • awardquinner says:

    this is a brilliant, fun idea although it has a serious function which i respect! it is the first product on here in a while which i got excited about! its certainly needs development and testing but good job peep!

  • Nice thinking and a lot better presentation than at these guys (

    But I have to disagree with ‘changing speed and direction easily’ [you can probably change directions like shutting one fan down while keeping other working, or making other work in opposite direction, so the buoy rotates]

    But, it can work only in calm water (like pool). In case of big waves and wind blowing in opposite direction – it’s useless. And imagine what would happen if you throw that buoy in water and it ‘lands’ with fans up and battery down.

    Anyway, wireless controlled saving device is a great idea and just keep developing it.

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