Reverse Printer

Generally we buy a printer to take printouts, but here is a concept that believes in the reverse process…removing ink from the printed-paper! Akin to the idea of a dermatologist laser-burning blemishes and dark spots from your skin, the Ink Remover Printer proposes to do something similar; zap out the ink using laser technology. This way you can reuse the old memos to print new ones, recycle paper and feel good about it.

Designer: Kim Su Yeon


  • Jitesh says:

    Is this in production?

  • Kid says:

    Cool concept. How do the lasers work? Magic? Pyramid power?

    Still cool.

  • jeff forsythe says:

    Great concept. Would be great for underlays. Not sure if it would be able to take off prismas or ink

  • DeepGuy says:

    You waste more energy (thus polluting more) on cleaning the paper than on producing new one… It kind of defeats the purpose.

    • Jonathan the turtle loving zombie says:

      Who died and made you scientist of ink removal.

  • You Be Trollin' says:

    Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s the force

  • You Be Trollin' says:

    lasers are actually pretty dang efficient….

  • Bricks says:

    It reminds me a gag from belgian comics Gaston Lagaffe… it was drawn in the 70′, but the autor had already “invented” this…

  • chris says:

    hm… would be nice if doable,

    cons: what will burn first, paper or ink? will the paper heal itself after that treatment? how much traces of the previous print will be left?

  • Elena says:

    aww i want one. it will surely lessen scratch papers

  • anthony designstein says:

    do you really have enough information to back that statement up? what about the fact that a truck doesn’t have to go around picking up old paper. machines and chemicals are not used to refine old paper. another truck doesn’t have to ship it to a store. you don’t have to drive to that store to buy the new paper.

    Don’t make definitive comments if you really dont know what you’re talking about.

  • carl says:

    was tried 15 years ago. many reasons why it didnt take off. look at the pile of pages in the last picture, all shabby and doggy. even if you get them through the machine. it will not be virgin quality paper out the other side. one word: PAPERJAM..

  • Johnny says:

    Paper is a renewable resource. Trees are planted in order to produce paper in much the same way corn is planted in order to make ethanol. I agree with carl — paper gets shabby pretty quickly and doesn’t lend itself to being fed into a printer very easily. Better to just use crisp, virgin paper.

  • helgi says:

    How much paper can you buy for the purchase price of the “reverse printer”? How much paper do you use (print on) every year?

  • Daniel LeBlanc says:

    Well, it would first depend on the energy source used to generate the electricity it needs. If solar-, wind- or water-powered generator is used, then little or no pollution is being generated by using it.

    Furthermore, producing paper implies that a gas-powered heavy machinery has to cut down a tree, and a gas-powered truck has to move it to a paper mill, where even more energy and chemicals will be used to process it. Then, another truck will take the paper to a warehouse, and another one to a retailer, where you will ultimately go with your Hummer to purchase it.

    All in all, even without a renewable source of energy to power this device, it would waste a lot less energy to clean and recycle paper than to cut down one or two rainforests to make your TPS reports.

  • jewba says:

    Let me make some random concept
    A ship that can travel back in time!!!!!
    …..good artwork….notreally

  • Jimmy C says:

    @DeepGuy Hmm… I think it was opposite day to you. Do you know how many trees we could save if the bigger companies used this method? The factories are the ones polluting here. This is laser technology, therefore clean energy.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @helgi: I imagine this would only cost as much as your standard laser printer. Maybe even less, it’s so small!

  • sunaina says:


    m looking forward to buy this Reverse printer can you please guid me from where i get get it.

  • sarah says:

    they should make a way to recycle the ink along with the paper.

  • Ankit says:

    m looking forward to buy this Reverse printer can you please guide me from where i get get it.

  • Ankit says:

    purchase Remover printer……..plz send details………..

  • anda says:

    it doesn’t defeat the purpose if it means cutting less trees, genius!!!

  • Nathan says:

    Or sending that paper to your local recycling center

  • Everyone who wants to buy this: this is a concept that isn’t real yet.

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