Lamp is a Knockout

The Light Form is more than just an ordinary desk lamp, it’s a way to personalize the unique taste and feel of lighting for every different person while simultaneously strengthening the bond between user and object. Simply punch your fist into the LED wiring to leave an impression only you could make! Though it appears imbalanced, the form of the frame was taken from Buckminster Fuller’s geometric dome and is composed entirely of triangles, making it completely and evenly weight balanced. 

Designer: Scott Young


  • Jimmy C says:

    Hmm. Very nice. I see this as sort of a stress relief.

  • Tyler says:

    um. its geodesic dome, not geometric dome…

  • MDesigns says:

    How does it light up now? I like the sculptural form.

  • Michael Della says:

    Great inspiration drawn from modern and iconic designers! love the sculpture feel, and also the interaction aspect. *cant wait to see this in stores!*

  • Katherine says:

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  • Aoki Yuuka says:

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