This lean mean police drone is our law enforcement’s version of KITT from Knight Rider

This drone made from lightweight yet robust material is the police‘s reliable tool in the skies to ensure the law enforcement agencies can access the situation before the ground units can devise a strategy to bring things under control.

Drones for law enforcement agencies have become an important tool to survey any unsolicited developments in and around the city. Fluctuating crime rates and their implications can take a toll on the region, and police need to take every little step in curbing the menace. New-age commercial drones like the DJI Matrice help control the situation, but now there’s a new idea for a quadcopter specifically designed to solve the police troubles.

We are talking about the KOR Air Police Smart Observation System (a.k.a. Air Police Drone) conceptualized by Design One – created to patrol to control the situation before it escalates. The KOR drone is made out of carbon fiber and titanium material, making it lightweight while providing inherent structural strength. This drone is the law enforcement agencies’ eye from the top of the city, making it a rapid response scouting tool.

The system is loaded with high-end camera sensors since it has to keep an eye on a very expansive area with no scope for missing out on any suspicious activity, even in the dark of the night. Moreover, we can disassemble the quadcopter-like form to fit inside an equally reinforced case when not in use. Finally, the battery design provides maximum fly time – edging above the claimed range of DJI’s commercial drones.

Maneuverability is a critical element of the KOR drone that keeps it out of harm’s way if weapons are fired or objects are thrown at it. As a bonus, the drone has a tough, rugged design, kind of what makes you feel secure in its presence. Finally, the incredible rotor arms resemble the barrel of a rifle, lending it a trustworthy vibe for the arsenal of law enforcement agencies.

Designer: Design One