Drop XDA Versa Keycaps Are Subtle yet Colorful

Gaming keyboards in the 1990s didn’t have all the RGB lighting, macro keys, and other cool (albeit arguably unnecessary) design elements found in many gaming keyboards produced today. If you want to return to simpler times with a retro classic style — without giving up the superior comfort and responsiveness of a modern keyboard — the Drop XDA Versa Keycaps Set is a stylish blast from the past, featuring light gray alpha coloring and a few pastel-colored keys to mix things up.

Designer: Drop

As long as your keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX switches or clones, you can stick pretty much any compatible keycap set onto your keyboard. You can even mix and match the Drop XDA Versa keys with festive kits like Dwarf Factory’s ArtiSANTA. The former is no different, and depending on your needs, you can get the perfect layout across Drop XDA Versa’s three different kits: the Base, Mini Base, and Novelties kits. At a distance, the Base kit seems fashioned toward full-sized and TKL keyboards whereas the Mini Base kit is made for compact 60% keyboards.

Both the Base and Mini Base kits come with every keycap you’ll need for a complete set, though the Novelties kit expands your color palette with a slew of pastel-colored keycaps with unique functions. Each keycap is “made from durable, dye-sublimated PBT and shaped in the short, uniform, and ultra-navigable XDA profile.”

That means this XDA keycap set is excellent for gamers who want a solid sense of feedback and an overall consistent feel between the keys. These keycaps are made for comfort just as much as they’re made for retro style that’s a bit more low-key than many of the stock keycaps shipping in gaming keyboards these days.

You can buy the Drop XDA Versa Keycap Set for a sizable discount. Right now, the Base kit costs $49 (down from $69), the Mini Base kit $39 (down from $59) and the Novelties kit $29 (down from $35). Unfortunately, these keycaps aren’t expected to begin shipping until March 2024. Given that these would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for any PC gamer in your life, it seems counter-intuitive to promote them so early. Even so, you may want to take this opportunity to grab these low-key keycaps at their discounted price before the sale ends.