Tea Making is So Steampunk

Project Ignotus is a metal container used to boil water for tea traditionally called a samovar. The ingeniously retro modern design gives it the flare vintage samovars are known for but with an added steampunk twist. Tho updated, the mechanical workings are still old school. Charcoal or even coal provides the fuel to boil water  to be dispensed out of a spout engineered to give you that perfect stream into a cup. One added bonus is the double walled construction to keep water and tea hotter, longer.

Designer: Aleksey Belyalov

Ignotus (promo HD video) from Aleksey Belyalov on Vimeo.

Ignotus Samovar For Tea by Aleksey Belyalov




  • Brian Anwar says:

    You mean I can spew horrible toxins into the air and all I have to do is make tea? Sweet.

    Cute but stupid. No one who is technologically savvy wants more pollution. Especially spewed into your face while your trying to make a spot of tea.

    • Richard Allan says:

      Stupid?…eh…its steam not pollution isn’t it?!

      • Brian Anwar says:

        BURNING coal to boil water and create steam produces pollution. It’s called science. See the black vapor above the steam pot: that’s what you’ll inhale when you use this product.

        • Reki says:

          It also said charcoal. So you are saying that people who grill are killing the earth as well?

          • Brian Anwar says:

            Yes, they are. Only in the western world is “grilling’ a luxury. In many 2nd and 3rd world nation, poverty necessitates that all cooking is done over a wood stove or open fire. While individually each may only be contributing a minute amount of pollutants but it does have a measurable effect.


            It’s cute that you think your actions don’t have an effect on the world.

          • Reki says:

            @Brian Anwar: So they find it necessary, and you say that they should stop it? Funny thing there. Its like telling you to get rid of your coal/oil/propane to heat your house during winter, which, by the way, is putting more toxins into the air than large groups of third-world inhabitants. EVERYTHING we do pollutes the air. And I can take a stab that you are a firm believer of ‘global climate change’.

          • Brian Anwar says:

            At no point in my comment did I say that people in 3rd world nations shouldn’t cook food. That’s ridiculous. I merely said that it creates pollution, which it does.

            “You say they should stop it?”

            Uhh…did you read what I wrote? Or did you just hammer out a barely coherent comment after the briefest perusal?

            Regardless of your stance on global warming, pollution causes cancer- end of story.

            On second though let’s burn everything. Lord knows there isn’t any sort of technological alternative ( like solar, nuclear, geothermal, wind, hydro, tidal, solar heater)

            I can take a stab that you are firm believer in your own infallibility and rectitude. I, however, am not convinced.

  • Richard Allan says:

    I must add that is the best promo vid ever!

  • Bauski says:

    mhhhh, delicous tea…

    *cough cough*

  • V2 says:

    Let’s make one on nuclear power…
    Years of hot tea!

    • knappinggirl says:

      pay now or pay later-ultimately unless you are strictly solar, wind or hydropressure powered and using electricity from only those sources your tea making power is burning something. Yes you might not want to use this particular samovar inside. Using samovars is certainly a time tested idea and is does have advantae of keping the tea quite warm. Actually a design where the heat element is in the middle of the water tank such as with samovars is very efficient compared to putting a kettle on top of a stove. I’m not sure this samovar is terrific because anything that burns efficiently isn’t going to make a lot of smoke. Check out kelly kettle for camping. Also check out zen stoves for wood gasifier stoves.

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