Faucet Makes You Work For Water

You’re a water waster so designer Harvey Bewley devised a faucet called the Twist to makes you work for it. The tap is controlled by an aerator. To get water flowing you have to “twist” and crank it. Anytime people have to apply a little elbow grease to accomplish a task – they may think twice. That’s the whole point. Only use water when you REALLY need it. If that doesn’t destroy you water world dreams, there’s even a digital read-out. My favorite bit is the motion sensor that gives you just splash because sometimes that’s all you need.

Designer: Harvey Bewley

Twist Tap by Harvey Bewley






  • mif991 says:

    Good hospitality applications and perfect for those that want to(or must)save water at home. I am not crazy about how it looks (try to go for minimal design)but it is a great idea.

  • tudza says:

    Well, it’s prettier than an old style water pump at least. One of those would certainly make you do much work for your water.

    If you want to avoid waste, how about skipping this whole idea and moving back to a simple faucet controlled by a human with some common sense and a monthly water bill.

  • V2 says:

    A boiler with cooking water underneath it would be nice
    But things like a display and motionsensor.. arent these overkill
    Fun idea though

  • Jimmy C says:

    @ Tudza: Well not all humans have common sense, and others may not see the owner’s bill.

    I can see this being put in any and every public place. This will revolutionize conservation!n

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