This portable solar panel will charge your mobile faster than a regular power socket

It’s a solar panel that’s designed and engineered to charge your phone, tablet, DSLR, drone, or even your 14W laptop. It does so at a speed faster than plugging your device into a wall socket, and most importantly, it’s portable. Rapid Sol set itself on a mission in 2016 to help harness the power of the sun as a truly free and reliable source of energy. Even back in 2016 the Rapid Sol Gen 1 was proved to be faster and better than a traditional 1amp plug point, and now, three years later, Rapid Sol Gen 2 continues to hold that title, despite breakthroughs in phone batteries and fast-chargers. The Rapid Sol Gen 2 is your unlimited power-source outdoors. Tapping into free and omnipotent solar power, Rapid Sol Gen 2 lets you charge all your gadgets on the go. Its portable design fits three flexible solar panels as well as a 3700 mAh battery pack right into your pocket, letting you power your devices anywhere you may be.

Over the years, the team behind the Rapid Sol have continued to perfect their solar panel technology. The Gen 2 features highly durable Monocrystalline Semi-Flex solar panels encased in a ballistic nylon case that keeps the panels water-resistant and completely dust-proof. Sitting above the panels is a rugged 3700 mAh bright-red battery pack with a 2.7 amp USB-C output and a split-cable that lets you charge up to 3 devices simultaneously while being conventionally faster than most other charging adapters. The Gen 2 even comes with an LED battery indicator, as well as eyelets on the top to help you secure the solar panels to your bag while traveling.

I’d be severely undercutting the abilities of the Gen 2 if I said it was just for the avid traveler. The Rapid Sol Gen 2 isn’t just for the outdoorsy types, it’s for anyone who wants to tap into the abundance of free solar power. Whether you’re on an outdoor shoot with a USB Powered drone that needs frequent charging, or you find yourself spending a lot of time commuting or on the roads, or if you’d like to have a source of power in an emergency power outage, the Rapid Sol Gen 2 is a portable, flexible, durable, and very capable solution to your power-woes!

Designers: Samraat Ghosh, Ricardo Zapata, Evolution Wear, SEG UNIVERSE & SuncoreSolar

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $150 ($61 off). Hurry, only 3/85 left! Guarantee delivery of the first 2000 units by December.

Rapid Sol Gen 2 – Fast Solar Charging in your Pocket

The Rapid Sol Gen 2 by Evolution Wear is the verified fastest solar charger on the market. It’s portable and engineered to charge your phone, tablet, DSLR, action cameras, drone, or even your 14W laptop.

Tech Specs:

– 7.5W 24% Raw Grade A Silicon 22.5% Fully Encapsulated SunCore Wafers Custom built for Evolution Wear®
– 5V 2.7 AMP USB C Output
– 3700 MAH Battery 3.7v
– 1LB weight

Demo (raw video)

Time lapse real charging (raw video)

Sleek design that fits seamlessly in your life.

Ultra durable.

The Panel is fully water resistant.

Onboard flashlight.

Charges all your mobile devices.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $150 ($61 off). Hurry, only 3/85 left! Guarantee delivery of the first 2000 units by December.