All of Berlin in a Single Credenza

Presenting the defining moment in Credenzoligy. This credenza is made to read like a novel, telling the story of the history of the structures that made up historical and modern East and West Berlin. Sounds like it could be rough. But with detail and subject matter as rich as this, learning can be at once elegant and
quite complicated.

Tina Roeder with the building of an art-chitectural idol:

Credenza or sideboard prototype inspired by the architectural history of East-West-Berlin, rich in visions and utopias. A collaboration with David Krings, 2008.

1,5MM Grey Cardboard and Chrome-Plated Steel
1800MM X 300MM X 1350MM

If this much time and effort were placed on half of the furniture that gets massively reproduced to fall apart in less than a years time, we’d be in a fantastic metropolis, rich with visions of our past and future, thriving in the literary and aesthetic jungle we’ve created for ourselves.

This item reflects one of the more simple and important goals of our modernism, and changes it to reflect a goal of educating students of history, science, and design. All of Berlin’s terrible and excellent history is here in one bit of furniture. One’s understanding of this subject is at once simplified and expanded, in all inspiring.

Designer: Tina Roeder and David Krings