Do You Know To Coffee Pot?

Have you ever played the game Coffee Pot? Well it goes like this; you’re supposed to substitute a verb for the word Coffee Pot and your friends try and guess the word by asking questions related to the action. For example “I’m Coffee Potting Now!” (WRITING!) With no relation to this game, let me tell you about this ecological coffee machine called Cocoon. It is an insulated hollow pot that conserves the heat for a longer time, thereby reducing the need to re-heat coffee often.

Made of twin-spherical bowls, the water is heated via induction in the outer sphere and a pump in the handhold transports the warm water to the filter and finally the ready coffee drips into the inner sphere. The resulting cavity (where the water was before) between the both spheres, now serves as a natural insulator and keeps the coffee warm.

Moving on, if you like the game…will you Coffee Pot with me?

Designer: Jan König