That’s Not A Pretty Picture On The Wall

That’s an air cleaner, thank you very much! For those who thought that air cleaners need to be these drab objects in the room, take a look at the pleasant NU.AER. Resembling a soothing view, the illuminated surface on it exudes a therapeutic and relaxing environment. If you’re wondering just how “clean” is your room, then just check out the illustrated display and you’ll get the picture. If it’s not what you expected then just change the setting by using the slider.

Designer: Jan König


  • Rono says:

    Beautiful! I love it so much.
    Amazing design. 🙂

  • FLX says:

    Yes, really nice design. Might be even cooler if you d add some indirect lighting!

  • Luke says:

    I like the idea of integrating air purifiers with one’s décor.

    However, did the designer really need to give it an impractical futuristic look and highlight the illuminated surface? For one, illuminated surfaces are not theraputic, especially at night, and not to mention, it’s not very environmentally friendly. Two, by what metric does this device determine how “clean” the room is? Three, what’s with that wiper?

  • KwangErn says:

    Cool, I like this idea…

    Though, am not sure about the slider…and what Luke mentioned.

    Possibility to change the display picture would be nice too.

  • Aka_cam says:

    Again like all the new inventions on the Web, it would be nice if purchasing information was also listed, be it not made yet or buy at

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