Water Generates Free Personal Electricity

You say you live in an apartment complex where you pay for your rent + electricity, and that’s it? Check it out. You get yourself one of these bad boys, (or 2, or 3,) and hook them up to the water pipes, and bam! Your on the slick road to free home electricity. It’s the “Mini Hydro Turbine” from Yanko frequent Jin Woo Han. Don’t mix up the cords!

The Mini Hydro Turbine can be attached to the end of your faucet or between two pipes. It’s designed to attach to any pipe to make use of water pressure in basically any instance.

The water runs through the device, activating the hydroelectronic turbine as it does so. Energy is stored up in the electricity generator, which is connected to the plug socket. The plug socket’s connected to any number of fun amazing Yanko gizmo (or any non-Yanko device, if you’re lame,) and the gizmo is powered up!

Barring the inevitable need to replace the turbine on occasion, and of course, supposing this lovely device works like a charm: yes please!

Designer: Jin Woo Han


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  • Leo Weibel says:

    Where can I buy this stuff?
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