Rotary Style Music Navigation

A small circle inside a pendant style MP3 player. You stick your finger thru the wheel key and spin it to control all audio functions from selecting modes to adjust volume. It’s the analogue version of Apple’s scroll wheel but this one somehow seems more charming. The entire pendant’s surface has an embedded LCD display that can change colors to match your outfit too! 

Designer: Hansoon Jeong


  • Keith says:

    That’s a pretty big pendant. Maybe Flava-Flav would wear it though.

  • statan says:

    I think a IPod is more simple… i don’t think that is a good reflexion.

  • Levente says:

    Hy, I need Your help to find an e-mail address to the designer. We are currently working on our winter issue, and we’d like to write about this mp3 player, but we need the images in printable format.
    Best regards:
    Levente (Hungary)

    • J.Park says:

      Hey, The designer who designed this mp3 is one of my friend. If you really ned his help just send E-mail to me first. then I’ll let you now his E mail address cause I can’t jot down his private information on here. my [email protected]

  • rachael says:

    i would love one of these.

    I would so wear it as a pendant!

  • Ersin says:

    Hmm,nice design.

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