Let’s Spill Some Pics And Splash Some Music

Every time I have to do a Mac post I get butterflies in my stomach, coz you guys laud him too much or pan him badly! Either ways, I’m a big fan of concepts, hence here we go again. On the platter is the iAcqua iPhone Dock with a transparent touch screen, speakers and a projector. Place your phone on the top slot and tilt it slowly to either side (like a faucet) to access your photos, songs or movies. Amazingly all the icon images cascade down randomly like the flow of water. Touch a particular icon (before it disappears) to access it.

Wanna have some fun? Play around with the dock and you will realize that if you turn up the faucet (iPhone actually) and the icon images spill onto the floor via the projector fitted in the stand. You can even maneuver the stand a bit to spill the images to a particular spot and view larger picture this way. Play that funky music and spill the visualizer to the floor!

Designer: Mac Funamizu