This Logitech Mouse gives your gaming setup an edgy, modern day aesthetic!

Today the demands of pro gamers are as dynamic as the games they play! Inspired by this, German industrial designer Robbie Lillquist decided to create a gaming mouse that would fall between Logitech’s MX mice and gaming mice, while focusing on complete professional gaming experience without lacking in aesthetic appeal.

Called Logitech Salvo, the mouse comes with a unique mode switch, allowing you to switch between sensitivity and program presets without even opening any application! Lillquist’s mouse comes in various colors of anodized aluminum and with 6 buttons, each contributing to a different function.  The two side paddles perform standard Mouse- 4 and Mouse- 5 functions, whereas tilt action can be assigned as Mouse- 6 or Mouse- 7 functions. The detachable bottom ring is designed to be more durable than Teflon pads and opens up a slot to add stainless steel weights as per the user’s preference. Offered in high – durometer elastomer and glass-filled nylon variations, it allows for different levels of surface friction. Like the bottom ring, the battery is removable as well, allowing it to be recharged in a USB Bluetooth receiver station, while it is swapped with a spare one.

Uniquely ergonomically designed, aesthetically satisfying, technically functional and with a futuristic appeal, Lillquist’s Logitech Salvo is the wireless gaming mouse every gamer needs to get their hands on!

Designer: Robbie Lillquist